Worship - It's What We Do

The worship of the God who raised the dead and gives life to all people is the most important expression of Epiphany. Our worship is joyful and relevant; all people of all ages are able to freely and fully participate in our worship life. 

Epiphany practices open communion. All persons – and all means all – are invited to come to the table of grace every time we gather. It is sad to us that people have experienced pain and exclusion associated with God’s blessed meal “given and shed for all people.” Read more

We know that we do not dare to come into the presence of God or feed at God’s table by our own merits or because we are good. We come because God is great beyond our understanding. We know that the gifts of God are free!

Wednesdays at the Well

Weekly, 5:45 to 7:30

In John 4, we learn that Jesus met a woman at the community well and gave her living water. Our midweek community gathering is meant to provide you a cup of living water through fellowship during a meal and a reflective worship service. 

Take a 90-minute break in the middle of your week and come to the Well. Join with Epiphany for a fabulous meal, a fun music ministry for children and reflective worship with prayer, scripture, and Holy Communion.

Wednesdays at the Well Schedule


5:45 - 6:45 pm  Community Meal (freewill offering)


7:00 pm             Wednesday Night Worship