Our focus on Haiti

Serving the poorest of the poor.

Epiphany’s commitment to the poor is lived out through our partnership with the Haitian Timoun Foundation. The mission of HTF is to foster hope and sustainability with dignity for the people of Haiti. Through HTF, we invest in initiatives led by the people of Haiti to help strengthen economic development, community engagement and local leadership. Our efforts are intended not to replace what Haiti people can better do for themselves but to support and help build sustainability.

Epiphany's partnership with HTF has led to numerous immersion trips to Haiti and the development of life-changing relationships with HTF’s Haitian staff and partners. Two of our members are on the HTF national leadership team -- Executive Director Erin Murphy and Administrative Director Julie Sutton.

Epiphany's HTF Team leads our partnership relationship with HTF.
To learn more, visit the Haitian Timoun Foundation Website

Immersion Trips to Haiti

HTF finds and empowers the Haitian people who are doing the right things in the right ways and asks, "How can we multiply and make you better at what you do?" Immersion trips to Haiti are focused on building those relationships.

During an adult immersion trip, you will walk alongside Haitians who are working to build a better life. Visit with school children in HTF-supported schools. Spend a day with children and young adults who were rescued from the streets (HTF is a champion for children who are enslaved or abused). Talk with college students who have won scholarships to earn degrees and who plan to remain in Haiti to use their skills and knowledge to build the economy -- a new generation of leaders for Haiti. And visit the homes of women who are working hard to ascend from ultra poverty into self-sufficiency. While in Haiti, our immersion teams stay in local accommodations that are important to Haiti's economy. 

Youth servant trips invite high school and college youth to interact with the children of Haiti. Epiphany initiated the first weeklong HTF summer camp in 2010 and the camp program has now grown to serve more children and engage more US youth; our youth serve alongside Haitian college students and develop lasting friendships. Key to our investment in the children is the consistency of our presence in Haiti; we keep our promise to return the next year. 

To learn more about an upcoming immersion trip or the annual youth servant trip, Contact Epiphany's HTF Team

Holy Beans Cafe

Epiphany's Holy Beans Cafè is a favorite gathering space on Sunday mornings. Join us for a cup of Haitian Bleu coffee! The cafè is a youth focused ministry whose mission is to connect Haitian coffee farmers with discerning coffee drinkers.

Holy Beans oversees the importing, roasting and sales of high-quality Haitian coffee, providing a path to dignity and sustainability for Haitian coffee growers in the Baie d'Orange region -- a mountainous coffee growing region east of Jacmel known for producing some of the best coffee in Haiti. Funds from selling their beans are helping to provide health care and schools for the villagers.

At Epiphany, sales of coffee support our youth servant leader trips to Haiti, where they serve at summer camps hosted by the Haitian Timoun Foundation.

Visit the Holy Beans Cafe site to learn more and to purchase your bags of beans.

You're invited to serve.

The mission of our HTF team is to strengthen Epiphany's covenant with the Haitian Timoun Foundation through increased awareness and active advocacy.

How can you help? Raise awareness of our support for Haiti both within Epiphany and in our community. Help raise funds for specific HTF partners by being a part of organizing annual campaigns. Support the needs of future immersion trips and youth servant trips through fund-raising and gathering needed supplies. Click here for more information about the work of the HTF Team.

Consider becoming more engaged with Haiti by joining the HTF Team. Contact our HTF Team leaders to learn more about how you can serve.