What Service Means to Us

In the Bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, God's people are continually called to care for one another.  God's gifts were never meant to be held by a select few, but shared with all of creation.  In obedience to Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, we strive to care for those who are struggling, believing that in doing so, we are caring for God. 

Truly I tell you, just as you cared for one of the least of these who are members of my family, you cared for me.

Outreach Overview

Epiphany is 

Serving Haiti through our partnership with the Haitian Timoun Foundation, supporting grassroots work that fosters hope and sustainability with dignity for the children of Haiti.

Serving Rainbow Village and homeless families through the transformational housing program based in Duluth, Georgia. 

Serving Other Partners in Gwinnett throughout the year, including our long-standing commitment to the North Gwinnett Cooperative food pantry. 

Gifts to Greater Church

In addition to our outreach partnerships in Haiti and in Gwinnett County, Epiphany supports the greater church through our first fruits gifts to the ELCA, Southeastern Synod, outdoor ministry through gifts to NovusWay, and college ministry through first fruits gifts to Lutheran Campus Ministries, Atlanta.

Epiphany also provides support during the year to Lutheran Services of Georgia

From Our Partners ...

View a brief video featuring key outreach partnerships and how the relationship with Epiphany makes a difference for the people they serve.

First Fruits

As a church we strive to lead by example.  Just as we challenge our congregation to be generous, we, as a church, respond to what God has given us and the needs around us.  We call our benevolence, the financial support that we give to other organizations, First Fruits.  This term finds its roots in the Old Testament where God challenges and reminds the people that their offerings aren't the scraps or what’s left over, but the first and best of what they have received, first fruits.  Our benevolence is based on a set percentage of the support we receive and is distributed to a handful of partners that we believe live out the same calling and make a difference.  These checks are written before we pay our mortgage or salaries.  Giving is a huge component of faith. Giving is not just a way to say "thanks" or support a worthy organization but to also trust that God will continue to provide and give us our daily bread