CIA Formation

The model Epiphany uses for Confirmands in Action seeks transformation through experience and relevant encounters with the scriptures, the calling of the church, and the role of disciples in today’s world. It is not an academic approach. Youth are shepherded by teams of adult "asset-builders" who work with the youth in small group formats. The process includes Sunday morning formation, a number of intentional Sunday afternoon discipleship formation sessions, weekend retreats, a week at summer camp, service to the church and world, pastoral conferences and fun fellowship activities.

CIA reflects Epiphany's Guiding Principles and Values (as stated, b through d).

b. The valuing of kids and gifting them with faith, hope, love and developmental assets must permeate all that we do. This principle is placed here as the first one behind our worship life as a statement of our priorities. 

c.  Being an authentic church community that truly values kids means that our adults must be in life-giving partnerships with our kids in every aspect of our mission.

d.  Apart from regular participation in worship, we believe that the primary and most highly effective medium for faith development is the home.

Anticipated outcomes of CIA ministry

Last Published: September 2, 2015 11:39 AM