Epiphany Lay Deacons

Epiphany has a team of equipped servants whose mission is to bring healing hope and strength to the people of Epiphany and our community. Our Epiphany lay deacons ...

  • Make visits to those who are sick, ill, grieving, or homebound
  • Are frontline persons of prayer for those who request
  • Are the persons who serve at the prayer station in worship on Sundays, listening with confidential ears and offering prayers of healing and encouragement
  • Take communion from Sunday's table to those who cannot physically make it to worship
  • Arrange for meals for those who cannot get out to the store or who are not able to cook
  • And periodically offer a service to the community in the form of specialized care (such as flu shots, blood drives, health screenings and more)

In the fall, our lay deacons lead a special worship service for healing.  

If you have the need for an ear to listen, a shoulder to help carry a burden, or a simple practical need of caring, you can request support from the deacons.

Members of Our Lay Deacon Ministry

You can look up the contact information for a lay deacon through Epiphany Connect.

Lisa Condon Tim Sanders
Anna Doll Barry Sherrick
Diane Evans Patrick Sutton
Paul Evans  
Landa Larson  
Cathy Laszewski