The Blame Game: A Game Without Winners
June 3

I hate the blame game. I am so over it. Instead of admitting there is a problem and working together to fix the situation, we would rather point fingers at one another and say, "It's their fault!" This accomplishes nothing and it's killing us. First, can we agree that there is a problem? Can we agree that there is racial tension in our country and not everyone is treated equally? Can we agree that racism is very much present in our country and it is wrong? Can we own our own biases and how we have contributed to a world that is on fire? Will we do what we can to calm the flames or will we throw our own fuel on a fire that is burning out of control? Can we agree that there is a problem? Can we agree that poverty is wrong? Can we agree that mass-shootings are evil? Can we agree that the abuse of women and children is wrong? I don't think anyone would argue that these aren't problems, or that they aren't good for us individually or collectively, but instead of working together to fix the problem, all I see is the blame game. This has to stop.  

Right now, we live in this world of extremes. We have our favorites and our teams, and we hurl evil at those who aren't on "our side." What happened to the middle ground? What happened to people coming together to settle their differences, to learn from one another, and figure out a way to move forward TOGETHER, in a way that benefits EVERYONE? This is tough because we are selfish, and we would rather compromise someone else instead of giving up some of our securities and luxuries. Will we make sacrifices for the sake of someone else? Will we boycott products that are made at the exploitation of others? Will we advocate for a living wage for people who cook our food, pick up our trash and deliver our packages? Will we see one another as equals, or will we continue to look down on those that we believe are less than us?  

Now I know this is a lengthy list, and it can seem overwhelming, but there is important work that has to be done. So, let's begin with admitting that there is a problem. Let's start with racism. Let's admit that it's present and it's wrong. Let's start there. No more finger pointing or blaming. Let's start with naming the problem and taking it upon ourselves to fix it. Worse than a game without winners, the blame game is costing others their lives. What if we admitted that there is a problem, that things aren't right, and we looked for where God might be in the crisis? Where is God in all of this? Have we tried to make sure God is on our side or have we done whatever we can to make sure that we are on God's side?  

The blame game has to stop. Lives are at stake. May people of faith be the ones to start the important work of fixing the problems that we would rather blame others for. Yes, this is going to be tough, but isn't it worth it?

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: June 3, 2020 10:13 AM