Surprised by a Teenager
May 27

My two jokes over the past 10+ weeks when people ask me how we are doing as a family are, "I love my family, BUT I NEED A BREAK!" and "I should've bought a bigger house!" If you don't know my family, we have three kids; 2 daughters who are 17 and 16 and a 12-year-old son. With all of us stuck in the house, everyone has a shorter fuse than usual, and we are quick to get on each other's nerves. It's like living in a hormonal landmine zone! Gina and I hear things like, "All I wanna do is hang out with my friends!" and "What's the point, we can't do anything anyways!" over and over and over! You'd think we were in a Tibetan monastery and these were the chants the monks were repeating for hours! Hence the need a break and bigger house jokes. But it hasn't all been bad and once in a while these adolescents have surprised us. 

On Sunday our middle child turned 16, and to say that she was less than excited about turning 16 during a pandemic is the understatement of the 21st century! But out of nowhere, her older sister asked if she could use her sister's phone to set up one of those Corona-Parades that have been so popular. It's not all bad. She organized the parade, decorated the front of the house, picked up the cupcakes, and empowered her brother to make sure the birthday girl stayed in her room until it was time for the festivities to begin! The birthday girl loved it and even when a thunderstorm moved through and everyone was getting drenched, she loved it. Everyone loved it. It's not all bad.

Hopefully, it's not all bad is something we have discovered in our faith. Death may be horrible but it's the only way to get to heaven. Dealing with a health crisis is massively disruptive but it has also led to numerous acts of kindness and prompted medical professionals and scientists to do whatever they can to help others. It's not all bad. A line I hear from my therapist frequently, especially when I'm in a funk is, "You need to change your narrative." Maybe a way to discover a better, more positive narrative is to remember that it's not all bad.  

The rain could've easily crushed the joy of the parade, but instead we grabbed as many half-functioning umbrellas as we could, and the celebration continued. It wasn't all bad.  So, grab an umbrella and see the good even when it feels like it's raining all the time, because there is still good out there!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: June 3, 2020 10:10 AM