I'm Lost!
May 20

When I was a kid, I was notorious for losing things. This usually prompted a cry of help toward my parents. My mom had superpowers and she either already knew where my lost toy was, or she found it before I finished telling her what I was looking for. My dad would ask questions like, "Where did you last see it?" or suggest something like, "Retrace your steps until you find it." Either way, it always made me feel better that I had caring, trusted individuals who could help me in my moment of lost-toy-crisis. 

Now our current situation isn't about a lost toy or misplaced keys, but we have lost a lot. We have lost birthdays and anniversaries, graduations and weddings, vacations and dinner parties, funerals and loved ones. So how are you coping with such drastic and significant loss? Who are the trusted individuals that you can turn to in your moment of crisis? Those who help you when you are struggling with treasured moments that have been lost. 

When loved ones gather to celebrate the life of someone who has died, they may fill the room with pictures of the individual, images that tell the story of the person who is no longer with them. They share story after story that capture the memory of the recently departed, stories that lead to laughter and tears. These stories and pictures don't bring the person back to them, but they help us deal with the loss that we are all dealing with.

How do you cope with loss?

There was this pivotal moment in the life of those who followed Jesus when Jesus sent them out. They had followed Jesus for a while and now it was time for them to be about the work that Jesus had been doing. But how did Jesus send them out? They weren't Lone Ranger, John Wayne types, but they were sent out in pairs. Jesus sent them out in pairs so that they could support one another in the important work that Jesus had sent them out to do. We are living the importance of community right now and we are also missing it dearly. We cope with loss, not in isolation, but together, in the beautifully messy and imperfect community that God has given to us. We can cope with the loss because we have people we can go to when we are struggling, and we are there to support others when they are struggling with the pain associated with loss. We cope with loss together.

I leave you with a two-part assignment - be vulnerable with others about the loss that you are struggling with and be open to caring for others when they are struggling. This loss isn't going anywhere overnight, and there will be birthdays and anniversaries that will continue to be "lost," but we are never alone in our loss. We carry with us God's Spirit and Light to bring hope in times of despair. Instead of dividing us further, may this loss unite us even stronger. We need one another.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: May 21, 2020 6:26 PM