None of Your Business!
May 13

We go to great lengths to protect our privacy. Dual-encryption on our devices, auto-generated passwords (that no one could ever guess), and private servers to store our sensitive information. But, as people of faith, are there sensitive issues that are our business?                                

Last week we were made aware of some of the deepest darkness that continues to plague us. A violent act that happened nearly three months ago was brought into the spotlight. Do people of faith have something to say about an act of violence that, seemingly, came about because of racism? The answer is a resounding yes! Calling out evil is seldom without pain. But as people of faith, those who carry the light of Christ with them, the light that shines into the darkness, we have an obligation to call out opinions, speech, and actions that are rooted in evil. As people of the light we are commanded to call out actions that do not coincide with the life and teachings of Jesus. We have a responsibility to shine God's light into that darkness so that it knows that it has no place here. We can no longer be passive and turn a blind eye when darkness is right under our nose.

How many senseless acts of violence could be avoided if people of faith (those who carry the light of Christ) called out hatred towards others because of the color of their skin, who they love, or the way they practice their faith? How many members of our family in Christ would still be with us if we had the courage to call out hate and proclaim to that sort of mindset that it has no place here? Will we shine light into darkness?

This type of work is seldom without pain. It got Jesus killed, and many others who have dared to do the same have also lost their lives long before they should have, but it is a risk worth taking. Maybe if enough of us shine that brilliant, holy, and pure light into the darkness of hatred and evil, those who call out evil would become the norm instead of the exception. It is a risk worth taking because lives are at stake. As people of faith, we are commanded to call out evil and remind evil that it has no place here. May we have the courage to shine God's light into the places that need it most. Be of good courage.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: May 21, 2020 6:23 PM