Better Than an Ice Cream Truck
April 1, 2020

When I was a kid there was a vehicle that got the attention of every child who could hear its hypnotic music, the ice cream truck! You could hear the tinny music blocks away and you would contort your head every which way to try and figure out which direction the truck was coming from. Once it was in sight, after begging your mom for some money, you ran toward that truck like your life depended on it! Last week I witnessed something that was revered even more than the Ice Cream Truck - a parade of teachers!

Where we live the kids have been out of school for a few weeks, so the teachers recently did a drive-by parade through the neighborhoods where their students live. You should've seen the look on these kids' faces! They were overwhelmed with joy, smiles from ear to ear, and the teachers had the same response. These kids were so excited to see their teachers and these teachers were so excited to see their students. The bond that they share is greater than any virus or quarantine could ever be. It was a beautiful thing to witness.  

It's a crazy time right now but there is still good out there. There is the love that a teacher has for their students and the overwhelming admiration that a student has for their teacher. There are people who selflessly donate food to those who are in need. There are individuals who are sewing masks for nurses and doctors who are caring for those who are sick. It's a crazy time, and there's no shortage of things to be worried about. But to see the look on a kid’s face when their teacher drives by and to see the teacher smiling from ear to ear with maybe tear-filled eyes, helps us forget about all the struggles for just a moment. These moments remind us of the good that is all around us and they remind us that this current crisis won't last forever. So, when you're feeling overwhelmed by the worries of the world, look around and see the pure beauty that is still there and may that give us all hope.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris

Last Published: April 1, 2020 12:11 PM