God and the Coronavirus - What’s a good Christian to do?
March 4, 2020
If we are looking for guidance on a variety of topics, the Bible can be a great source for answers and direction. The Bible tells us how we are to treat one another, what we should value, and where complete fulfillment can be found. But the Bible doesn’t always answer all our questions, and if we turn the Bible into a “Magic-8-Ball,” we may be missing what the early church’s, and God’s, intent was for passing these stories down. For example, I still haven’t discovered Jesus’ thoughts in the Bible on stem cells or other cutting-edge medical research. With that in mind, what is God’s role with the coronavirus? 

The coronavirus has been dominating the news for a few weeks now. As the infections and death numbers rise, and as the virus begins to spread to new countries daily, the panic level is exploding. Events are being canceled, stock markets are crashing, and people are nervous to leave their homes. So, what does God have to say about all of this? What is God’s role when something like this happens? Unfortunately, we don’t have a perfect parallel for our current plight. There are stories of plagues in the Bible and Jesus was known to cure those who struggled with disease, but the Sci-Fi world seems to have more to say about this than the Bible does. So, what is God’s role?

Nearly every time someone in the Bible is overcome with fear, the next words are, “fear not.” Now no one was waving a magic wand that made whatever was causing the fear to disappear, but this response of “fear not” reminded them that they were not alone, that God was still there with them. The road ahead may still be challenging, and we (yes you) may be called to walk a difficult and challenging path, but God is still with us. I hope that I don‘t get sick, and I hope that you remain healthy and those that you know and love are not affected, but if something were to happen, I can somehow find hope in the promise that God will continue to say, “fear not.” I know that God is still with me. 

So, what can we do? For starters, pray. Pray for those who are sick and those who have lost loved ones. If you are scared, tell God about it. If you are mad, let God know it. Pray for those who are working for a cure and those who are caring for the sick. Pray that God intervenes in this chaos (God has a history of that) so that it can be resolved. If you find yourself paralyzed by fear, ask God to remove those restrictions that are stalling your life. 

What does it look like when we invite God into the things that seem to rock us to our core? Hopefully it leads to peace when it seems like everything is falling apart. Hopefully it leads to hope, that somehow this will get better. Hopefully it reminds us of two simple words, fear not. Maybe we don’t have a story in the Bible about God overcoming an outbreak, but we have a story about a God who overcame death. And in the whirlwind of panic-inducing headlines, I need a story that gives me hope, “and hope does not disappoint us.”

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris
Last Published: March 12, 2020 9:38 AM