All Means All and Coronavirus
March 11, 2020

Yesterday morning I read that a priest had recently become ill with corona after he shook hands and had given communion to 500 people on Sunday! I can only imagine the panic going through that church, the guilt that the clergyman is feeling, and how empty that particular parish might be on Sunday. The virus has now found its way to the Atlanta area which resulted in the closing of an entire major school district in the Atlanta area. After all of this had happened, a friend of mine posted that they were praying for the teacher who became ill, praying both for their health and also that no one ever discovers who they are because of the potential backlash and outrage that may ensue.  

If you aren't a part of Epiphany in Suwanee, we have a phrase that we love, All Means All! We say it every Sunday and we say it with conviction. I'm guessing most folks think of this phrase referring to those who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or maybe individuals with disabilities, but now I'm thinking about those who might be sick with corona. Obviously I agree with staying home when you are sick and doing all you can to make sure others don't get sick, but if the symptoms don't reveal themselves for a few days (or more) after contracting it, and someone else gets sick because of you, how will we treat that person? I've heard random individuals from the Asian-American community are being harassed because of this virus! That's crazy! It's not as if these folks asked for this virus or went around trying to get people sick, it's just a very unfortunate situation. Does all include those who are sick? Does our all have limits?

Now I'm not writing this in advance in case I get sick (even though my hypochondria is off the charts right now!), but how do we remain sane in times like these? Do we declare martial law, shut everything down, and restrict everyone to their homes? Do we just continue to live as usual and hope for the best? Neither of these options are the best, rather something in the middle. How do we love and care for those who are sick? The news recently showed an elderly woman talking to her husband through the window in his hospital room because he was in quarantine. This can be a scary and uncertain time, but that doesn't mean we stop treating people with decency and respect. It shouldn't mean our all has limitations.  

No answers in this one, just a reminder that healthy or sick, we are all children of God, worthy of love and respect. Keep praying for those who are sick, those who care for them, and that better treatments, cures, and vaccinations are around the corner.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Chris

Last Published: March 12, 2020 9:36 AM