Is Waze the Best?
February 5, 2020
I have three map apps on my phone. Three! Why would anyone need three map apps on their phone?  Well, I like the one that came with my phone because it works well when I have a rental car with CarPlay, but I’ve heard that Apple Maps isn’t the most reliable. I have Google Maps on my phone because I’ve heard it’s better than Apple and it has great reviews and images, but there are still some things that it doesn’t do. Lately I’ve been using the Waze app. I love how it shows my speed (which my kids let me know every time I’m speeding), but mostly I’ve “heard” it’s the best one out there. I’ve heard that, but how do I know that? Is it really the best or am I just going along with what everyone else is saying? What makes something “the best?”

How do you know what is good? Have you done the research, or do you rely on what others say? Do we have direct experience, or do you randomly pick out favorites? And how long before the current “best” is dethroned and a new “best” takes its place? And why do I have three map apps on my phone? 

I worry that we don't always know what is “best.” I worry we are too easily influenced by what’s popular and what others say and think. Even more so, I worry how quickly we move on from something to what’s new and shiny. Do we have the same approach to our faith and church communities? Is this being driven by the folks who sit in the pews or the ones who stand up front and talk?

Too often pastors and church leaders are consumed with “What’s next?” “What is the next series that will get folks to show up?” “What is the next retreat we can do to get all of the kids to invite their friends?” “What is something we can give away so that the church is packed on Sunday?” Isn’t the good news enough?  Isn’t the promise of life after death better than any gimmick or sermon series? Isn’t the community of faith that we are a part of better than the next big thing?

What are the things that seem to last forever? The ones that have a shelf life longer than a few months? Hopefully we are thinking about our family and our friends, but hopefully we are also thinking about our faith and the community where we get to share that faith. The place where we get to connect with those who know us better than most, the place where we grow in our faith, and the place where we get to serve others and the world around us. These are the things that last forever. 

I’m sure I will find a new app to get me home as quick as possible in the near future, but thankfully there are some things that last in a rapidly changing culture. May our faith always be one of them.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris
Last Published: February 5, 2020 4:06 PM