Is This the End of Days?
January 8

There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now. There are talks of war with Iran, which some are calling a potential World War 3. The fires in Australia are so bad entire cities have been burned, 18 people have died, and potentially a billion animals have been impacted. Puerto Rico was hit with a strong earthquake that has destroyed numerous buildings, claimed the life of at least one person, and destroyed the famous natural wonder, Punta Ventana. And these are just the global headlines over the past couple of days. Are we experiencing the end of the world?

I don’t think this is the beginning stages of Armageddon, but it certainly feels like it. It seems like every day brings a new challenge, a new disaster, and a new threat. When that happens, how do you respond? Do you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed because you feel like you can’t do anything to change the situation? Are you filled with anger and rage that leads to blame or the desire to lash out? Do you wonder where God is at in all of this, wondering why God hasn’t done anything to repair the harm and ease the conflict? Is there a “correct” response? 

There are passages in the Bible that talk about situations just like these. There are prophets who cried out to God when life was horrible for God’s chosen people. God didn’t wave a magic wand, cast a spell and make everything better, but God was always with them. Jesus talks about events that may seem like the end of days, but then Jesus says, “This is just the beginning.” Not a lot of comfort there. 

There isn’t a silver-bullet response, but maybe there are things we can do in response to what feels like the end of the world. Cry out to God like the prophets of old. If you are struggling with what you see and experience, let God know about it. If you have the capacity to make a difference and work for peace, do it. Maybe you can’t lead a peace treaty between two warring countries, but you can be an ambassador of peace wherever you are. Maybe your actions will have a ripple effect that crosses oceans. But don’t turn to rage or blame; that will only make the situation worse. 

Here’s the good news - God never said that life would be easy, and Jesus never said following him wouldn’t be without challenges. More good news, it’s been this bad or worse before, and through it all, God never left us. May we find comfort in God’s constant presence and bolstered by God’s spirit to act as we are able. And even if this is the end, I believe there is something better waiting for us on the other side.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris

Last Published: January 8, 2020 2:54 PM