Tell Them Who They Are
September 18

Last week, at Epiphany in Suwanee, we talked a lot about Baptism. We dedicated our new Baptismal Font, the sermon focused on Baptism, and we had a unified education hour all focused on Baptism. After living in the South for 11 years, I know everyone doesn't baptize babies. If you were baptized as a baby, then you probably don't remember it, and that is why it is up to us to help you remember.

When we celebrate a baptism at Epiphany, it happens within a worship service, usually early on in the service, maybe in place of the confession. The child is up front with their parents and maybe their sponsors (godparents), as well as the entire congregation looking on. And when that child is baptized, we ALL make promises. I wonder how well we are doing at keeping those promises. Most important of all, we promise to raise that child in faith so that they know they are a child of God and that they are a part of God's family. So much is at stake here. 

Not only is this an identity and association that we should celebrate, it is also something that has some implications. Because we are a part of God's family and a child of God, we are supposed to live a certain way. Are we doing that? If we were ever in a sanctuary when a baptism happened, or if we were ever godparents for a child who was baptized, we made promises. Are we fulfilling them? Now flip it - who reminds you of your identity as a child of God and that you are a part of God's family? Who reminds you how to live because of your faith? Imagine how different the world would be if more of this was happening.

We don't do this to scare someone or to threaten them with hell, we do this because we need to be reminded that baptism is the way of life we want to live. Baptism reminds us how we are supposed to live. So, think back to the times when you were there some Sunday and a kid was baptized - you were a part of something that matters. If you were ever asked to be a godparent to someone's child, you have been invited to help that child remember who they are and how they are called to live. When we celebrate faith as a community, the way that it was always meant to be celebrated, all of this happens.

A baptism is a beautiful thing and it is with us forever. May we remind each other that we are children of God, that we are a part of Gods family, and may we always live in response to that family and the identity that we share. We are children of God.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: September 23, 2019 3:17 PM