Call it Like it Is
September 11

My dad tells a funny story from back when he was studying to be a pastor. In this class, the students would preach a sermon and their classmates would give feedback once they were done. My dad, being a nice guy, would usually try to say something nice after each student was finished, but one day, after a student who wasn't doing the best in the class finished, and my dad said something nice, the professor responded with, "Hermansen, that was horrible and you know it." Sometimes you have to call it as it is.                                                     

The other day Gina and I watched a movie that I had been excited to see. It had good reviews, the previews looked really good, so we splurged and spent the $6.99 to rent it. It was horrible. So, thinking that maybe I had missed something or maybe I got the reviews wrong, I started searching on the internet about the movie and I stumbled upon a bunch of reviews. Over and over again, the reviewers referred to the movie as one of the slowest and most boring they had ever seen. Even if it's not nice, sometimes you have to say what needs to be said.  

Now, we're not talking about insults here or just being nasty, but if someone is being rude, we may need to, in Christian love, let them know that how they are conducting themselves needs some correction. For example, if you have a family member who is prone to racist comments and thoughts towards those who are different from themselves, you need to bring that to their attention. If you work with someone who routinely brings out the worst in people and stirs up anger and hostility, you should call them out for it and challenge them to do better.

Jesus did this a lot when he talked to church people. These were the folks who you think would get it, but they didn't. They didn't always treat one another as their family in faith, they didn't always care for one another, and worse still, they would exploit and take advantage of those beneath them. Jesus needed to call them out. Again, this isn't a license to be nasty to each other. It is a reminder that if we aren't living a way that aligns with our faith, then our family in Christ needs to remind us how to live. If those who we care about and interact with aren't living as followers of Jesus, we must bring this to their attention.

It's not always easy, and sometimes it's awkward, but if we love each other, sometimes we need to challenge each other and be challenged ourselves to live the way our faith demands. Let the correcting begin so that a better world can emerge.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: September 11, 2019 3:36 PM