What's the Rush?
July 24

Two weeks ago, I flew out to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister. I hadn't been out her way since her wedding two years ago, and I was overdue for a visit. My time out there was great, it was getting there that was a nightmare.  

Few places can ignite my anger like the airport. I worry that others have turned off all awareness of others and the world around them when they are at the airport. First case in point, gate squatters! Gate squatters are those folks who line up just outside the gate, waiting for their group to be called and they routinely spill out into the hallway where masses of other travelers are trying to get to their gate, so they can squat too. They clog the gate area and make it nearly impossible for folks to get on the plane when their group is called. What's the rush? Case in point #2, row jumpers. Row jumpers are the folks who don't abide by the unspoken code of how you de-plane. I abide by the code of "waiting for the row ahead of you to gather themselves and their stuff before the next row jumps up." Regardless of how long it takes, you just don't jump the row! But then there are folks who see an opening and dart for it like my dog when he sees a squirrel! What's the rush? The funny thing is we all end up at baggage at the same time. What's the rush? I say all that, but then I'm the guy who has to get his horn replaced because he burned it out honking at people! (Apparently my hypocrisy has no limits!) What's the rush? 

Does our faith have anything to say about our obsessive need to rush? What is lost when we speed through life?  Can faith help us slow down just long enough so that our blood pressure isn't boiling over?

There is a great story in the Gospel of John where Jesus is the guest at a wedding. How great is it that the first miracle that Jesus performs in this Gospel is turning water into wine? But before all of this happens, Jesus says to his mother, who makes him aware of the need, "My hour has not yet come." What does Jesus mean when he says this?  

So many things can be lost when we speed through the moment. If our career causes us to speed through life, we may miss our kids growing up. If we feel like we are in an imaginary race with Google Maps, we may miss the beauty of the journey. If we rush through the airport or if our anger boils over in traffic, we may miss an opportunity to connect with others. We may miss someone in need or the chance to connect with another living soul. What's the rush?

My hour has not yet come. This famous line could mean a lot of things, but where I sit right now it reminds me to avoid being sucked into the frantic pace that is our current rush of life. It reminds me to slow down and breathe every once in a while, and that getting there first may not be the most important thing. That the stress of rushing may not be worth it.  Jesus routinely withdrew to a quiet place so that he could collect himself for the important work ahead.  I'm not Jesus, but if he needed a moment to breathe, I probably do too. What's the rush? Maybe, once in a while, it’s time to slow down. Maybe it’s worth it so that we don't miss the world around us, the world that is right in front of us. So, what's the rush?

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: July 30, 2019 11:30 AM