Almost Like Being There...
June 26

Three years ago, I was able to travel with a handful of folks from Atlanta to Haiti. The church where I serve has had a partnership with several Haitian organizations for many years, and over the summer a couple of those groups work together to provide summer camps for kids who even Haitians consider poor. It was a great trip, but unfortunately, we haven't been able to go back. The last two summers the political tension and strife that has gripped that small island nation for far too long has been so severe, that it was simply too risky for us to bring a group down there. The camps happened, and we sent our support and supplies, but sadly we couldn’t be a part of the experience.

One of my favorite bible stories is when John the Baptist passes the baton-of-ministry to Jesus. John says, "I must decrease so that he can increase." This moment is even more profound when we consider how successful John was at that time. He had his own disciples, he had his own following, and his name was known; but John never made it about him. He knew that something even great was coming, and instead of making it about himself, he knew his place in the greater picture, and knew when it was time to back away.

Imagine if we said we weren't going to support those camps in Haiti simply because we couldn't be there, as if our support hinged on our presence. That would certainly be contrary to how John understood his role in the work that God was doing in the world around him through Jesus. In a time when we are so concerned with how many likes our post gets, and how many trophies and accolades we have received, it can be easy to make whatever we do all about us. Not only would that be sad and incredibly self-centered, others would suffer because of our selfishness. I wish we were down there in Haiti, my two daughters were supposed to go this year, but I'm also so thankful that this ministry can continue without us. Much like how Jesus empowered the disciples to continue the work that he started, the spirit continues to move with or without us, whether we are there, or we aren't. So, we will watch from afar, through computers and smartphones, knowing that the Spirit is moving, and even though we aren't there physically, we are a part of an effort that strives to make a difference and that is more than enough.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: June 28, 2019 10:52 AM