Two Doctors and a Pastor
May 29

Last week I had what I thought would be a routine physical. Everything was going fine until the doctor tracked me down in the room where they were drawing my blood to let me know that one of the tests came back and I needed to see another doctor. What's better than one doctor's visit...  Oddly enough, I was able to see the second doctor in just a few hours, but in those few hours I had diagnosed myself with everything I could think of. (I hate it when I do that.) I sat in the second doctor's waiting room with more anxiety than usual as my diagnosis list grew. I finally got called back, saw a nurse, a PA, and then the doctor. They were all great and did their best to put me at ease and that we just needed to figure out what was going on. And yet, the anxiety was still there. It was only after I talked with some folks about it, who had gone through similar stuff, that the anxiety began to subside. Somehow talking about it was cathartic for me and I felt the anxiety ease just a bit. 

How do you process your fears and worries? I worry too many of us bottle them up and pretend they aren't there until, after a while, they grow so large that we are completely consumed by them. I fear that we are so reluctant to share what we are struggling with that we would rather be paralyzed by it that share it. In the Old Testament, God's people had experienced an abundance of struggles, but instead of bottling up that emotion, they shared it with God. We have these stories where it says they would tear their clothes and sit in ashes. There are a bunch of Psalms in the Old Testament where God's people cry out and lament over their plight. I believe this was more than catharsis. This was them inviting God to be a part of their struggles and it reminded them that they were never alone.

I don't think we will ever live a life free of worries, but it’s what we do with those worries the determines its power over us. For me, it was the community that God had surrounded me with that helped me process my fears. In the Old Testament, it was inviting God into their struggles that helped them through some challenging times. So, what do you do? I don't think God wants us to live paralyzed by our fears, rather God hopes that our fears might lead to greater faith. 

How will God show up in your moments of struggle?

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: June 6, 2019 5:06 PM