Am I Fat?
February 20

"Should we do the Keto or Paleo diet?" was something my wife said to me the other day.  Now what's funny about this is Gina is a little over 5 ft tall and not much over 100 lbs., where as I am around 6 ft tall and nearing a 1/8 ton!  So, what I think Gina was saying is, "Hey, what diet do you want to do?"

Did my wife just tell me I'm fat?

Now, a person who is much more insecure than I am might take this the wrong way, but since I am way more mature than most, I didn't get defensive at all...  Now Gina doesn't need to lose weight at all, but if you're trying to do something new or make a lifestyle change, it’s much easier if someone does it with you. (Apparently my wife is way more emotionally mature than I am!) Change is much more attainable when you have someone walking with you and cheering you on. (Especially when you love candy, ice cream, and chips!) This is the gift of community.

Community has always been a core part of the Christian faith. This tradition was founded through 12 average individuals who were invited to be a part of something new, and they were in turn sent out in twos to do the same thing. Our faith has always been celebrated in a communal setting. Much like dieting or trying to exercise, living the Christian faith can be challenging. To be patient and kind, generous and gracious, loving and hopeful doesn't always come easy, but when we are a part of a community that lives out those traits, celebrates them, and encourages others to live the same way, this new approach to living is possible. With others walking with us, encouraging us and cheering us on, we can change and learn to do something new.

So, who is your community? Who are the people that will lift you up and cheer you on when you struggle to be the person that God has created you to be? Who are the people who walk alongside you as you journey to this new and better place? Who are the people that you reach out to? Those that you support and walk with when they are struggling? God has given us this great gift of community; may we continue to be aware of the people that love us and help us be who God knows we can be. Even if they ask you, "Hey, what diet should we do?"

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris

Last Published: March 7, 2019 12:05 PM