God's Cheering for You
February 13

This past Sunday we looked at a pretty well-known passage from the New Testament book of Romans. It's the one where Paul writes about how God's love can never be taken from us. For the original recipients of this letter, this was a big thing. This new faith wasn't widely accepted and persecution was more than likely. So, Paul writes to them to reassure them that no matter what they may face, God will always be there. In their moment of struggle, God was cheering them on.

So, on Sunday we used this reading to remind us that God is cheering for us too. Where some may worry that God is this vengeful deity, we have story after story of God's love and grace. We love the image of God as a parent, that God cares for us like a parent cares for their own child. God is cheering us on. 

So, let's take this concept one step further; what is God saying to you in those cheers? God's cheers aren't merely to make us feel good about ourselves or celebrate our accolades; God is cheering for us so that we can be more involved with what God is doing in the world right now. If you are struggling to see worth in yourself, God is cheering you on so that you can see yourself through God's eyes. If you have a plethora of gifts and resources, then God is cheering you on so that you will use those for the good of others and the world around you. Sit with that for a minute; when God is cheering you on, what is being said? What is God's message for you? Then, what are you going to do with it?

We ALL have a part to play in God's great story and that is what God is cheering us toward. May we find our place and put to good use the many gifts and abilities that God has given to us. God is cheering you on and what is God saying?

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: February 15, 2019 11:44 AM