After Joy
January 9
This past Sunday we read and talked about the story of the Magi. This is the story of the visitors who came from the east to visit Jesus after he was born. You might know this story as the Wise Men or the Three Kings. The part of the story that stuck out for me this year was the line that said, "They were overwhelmed with joy." A celestial event prompted them to travel to see the new king whose birth was revealed by this new star. After they traveled for 2 years, with a brief stop in Jerusalem, the star finally stops over the home where Jesus is and they are overwhelmed with joy. What happened next?  What did this joy lead to? In this story joy leads to worship and generosity. The magi enter the home, they kneel at Jesus' side, and they present him with gifts fit for a king. It’s not just about joy, but what joy leads to. Where is joy taking you? 

The amount of negativity in our world does not need to be recounted, we have 24-hour news for that. We don't need to be reminded what we lack, we have million-dollar commercials for that. What we need is to rediscover the good that is all around us so that our lives can be filled with joy, and our lives can lead to something greater. The last time you were filled with joy, was that the end of the story, or did it lead to something else? Chances are your joy was bubbling over and it had an impact on those around you. You were so moved by an event or something that you couldn't keep it to yourself but you had to share it with someone, anyone. Your joy led to something.

In the story of the magi, their joy led to worship and generosity and this can be our story too. I believe, without a doubt, that God wants us to live lives that are filled with joy. I have a difficult time thinking that God's hopes for us are rooted in hopelessness and despair. God's hope for us is joy because joy leads to so much more. So, do some reflecting, look around and find the good. Look up and see the beauty that is everywhere. Maybe you will begin to see God's fingerprints all around you and you will be overwhelmed with joy too. Then watch and see where that joy takes you.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: January 16, 2019 10:13 AM