Day #2 of the Best YOU Ever...
January 2

Get in shape. Learn something new. Go on that trip. Eat better. Reconcile a broken relationship. Chances are you've said one or more of these, or something like it, over the past 48 hours. As the calendar turns to January 1, many of us use this time as an opportunity to be a better person. The unfortunate reality is these noble intents are often short lived. Can that be avoided?

I believe we all want to be better people, but I don't think we like to explore why there is a need to be better in the first place? If the desire is to be healthier, what got us to that point? Maybe we eat too much junk food and we don't exercise as often as we should. If our hope is to reconcile a broken relationship, what led to that broken relationship? In our quest to be better, can we admit that some of our resolutions may be rooted in moments when we messed up? 

In the Christian tradition that I am a part of, we usually start our worship service with a confession. It’s not just a time to list off the mistakes that I have made, but also to hear about a God who loves me despite my mistakes. God's love isn't given so that I can be excused for those times when I was selfish or rude, but rather that I would live a better life because of who God is and how much God loves me. My desire to be a better person is in response to God's gifts of love and grace. Maybe if I can get to the root of my desire to be a better person, my resolutions will not only last, but become who I am. 

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: January 2, 2019 11:01 AM