Tuesday Before Friday
November 28

Giving Tuesday has become a big deal. In just seven years it has grown from $10 million raised in 2012 to $274 million raised in 2017, all for charity. In one day! Now as great as that sounds, this year we spent over $6 billion (yes, with a B) on Black Friday, almost $8 billion on Cyber Monday, and in total we will spend over $700 billion in November and December combined. Something seems out of balance. 

Is generosity an endangered species?

What if generosity was a way of life instead of a once a year event? What if we gave first, then splurged second? What if Tuesday came before Friday?

There's this old joke about a pastor who is interviewing at a church and one of the questions the church asks is how often the pastor will talk about money. Apparently, a former pastor talked about money a lot and they were hoping the new pastor wouldn't talk about it as much. The pastor responded, "I'll only talk about it as much as Jesus did." The church breathed a huge sigh of relief until they realized that Jesus talked about money a lot! 

Can generosity be a way of life? What would a generous world look like? I think we all would like to be thought of as generous, but are we? A generous world, filled with generous people would be a beautiful thing. In the New Testament book of Acts that tells the beginning of the Christian church, it says that they gave to anyone who was in need. But just a couple chapters later, a couple sells their property but keep some of the profits for themselves. This generous utopia was short lived. Generosity doesn't happen by accident and unless we work at it, it won't happen.

Here's the good news - we have the ability to do more. If we can spend $14 billion in 48 hours, we can certainly give more than $275 million in 24 hours. Oh what a world that would be! Let's make it happen!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris 

Last Published: November 29, 2018 5:00 PM