It's Possible
November 7

As I write this, folks are streaming in and out of the church to vote. At times the line has stretched across the parking lot and down the sidewalk, and at times there has been just a few folks in the building casting ballots. Even more inspiring than the amount of people turning out to vote, is how nice everyone has been. Strangers striking up impromptu conversations with other strangers, poll workers playing peek-a-boo with babies, and even parents who brought their kids with them to vote, when they needed to step out of line to take them to the bathroom, having their spot saved! Is this the America that is portrayed on 24-Hour News?

It's weird writing this now because when you read this, the votes will have already been counted and the winners announced. There will be some who celebrate and some who feel devastated by defeat, and most likely the news will portray us as poorly as they can because that’s what the news does. So, I'm going to hold onto this moment, this moment of kindness and remember that our country can be the United States and we aren't as bad as the news likes to make us1 out to be. We can be (and are) nice to each other and a few divisive, hate-filled voices don't speak for everyone. This isn't who we are.

I didn't get to vote at the church where I work, that would be too easy, but down the street where I voted is where I saw poll workers playing peek-a-boo with babies in carriers and moms being allowed to take their three-year-olds to the bathroom and when they hopped back in line, at the same place where they left, no one lost their mind! I believe this is who we are and regardless of how you're feeling today, whether its celebrating or frustrated, I hope this reminder of what's possible, this memory of kindness, can give you hope for what's ahead, because there is more good out there than bad. 

May you continue to give others hope by how you live and the kindness that you show to others. Maybe this is what it looks like to have God's kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. It is possible!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris
Last Published: November 9, 2018 12:02 PM