- From Pastor Chris

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August 15
Yesterday my day was filled with HVAC appointments. The primary unit for our sanctuary has died (don't worry, we gave it a proper Lutheran funeral) and we have started the process of figuring out how to replace it. Read More
August 8
Three months ago, Elon Musk held a conference call to talk about his car company's quarterly profits. Musk referred to the questions as "boring and boneheaded." Tesla's stock value plunged in after-hours trading when his comments became public. Last week Musk opened the same quarterly conference-call with an apology. Read More
August 1
I'm starting to wonder if my church is cursed. One day the elevator is working, and the next day it's dead. The crew comes out to fix it and they say, "Worse-case scenario, it's going to cost $25,000 or $100,000 to fix. But, to figure that out, it will cost $11,000 to diagnose the problem." What's worse than having one AC unit break...? Read More
July 25
Earlier in the month, I was on vacation with my wife's family up near Lake Michigan. It wasn't a long vacation but we were away over a weekend and, as I usually try to do, I visited a couple churches on Sunday. I spent a bunch of time looking up websites, checking out social media pages, and mapping out how I could squeeze in two visits in a few hours. Read More
July 18
You don't need me to tell you that the country, maybe even the world, is a very polarized place lately. We are increasingly encouraged to "pick a side" and fight tooth-and-nail for our ideals. What this polarization doesn't leave much room for is compromise. Read More