February 12, 2020
What keeps you in hiding? What prevents you from opening up, stepping out, risking something for the sake of being who God has called you to be? Read More
February 5, 2020
I have three map apps on my phone. Three! Why would anyone need three map apps on their phone? Well, I like the one that came with my phone because it works well when I have a rental car with CarPlay, Read More
January 29
On Sunday afternoon I received a notification that stunned me, "Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash." I grew up in Oregon, so I cheered for the Blazers (the only professional team in the state at the time) so I wasn't really a Kobe, or a Lakers fan, but his death shocked me. He was my age. Read More
January 22
I grew up in a home that almost always had music playing. When my dad was 17, he was a DJ in Minneapolis and loved the early access he got to music before the general public. (Imagine a time before Spotify...) We had a CD player in our home by 1987 and as a kid I loved watching the lights from the receiver move as the music got louder. Read More
January 15
On Sunday, one of our readings was Matthew's version of Jesus' baptism. I feel like this is one of those classic Sunday School stories that we all heard growing up and have an image of it in our heads. What stood out for me this time was when John gives in to Jesus' request. The dialogue picks up halfway through the encounter, initially all... Read More