June 17
Over the past few weeks and months, I've been talking to a lot of pastors. Some of these calls have been for myself, as I have wondered how my colleagues were handing ministry in the age of COVID-19, and other calls were for them, as they were struggling through the same stuff that I myself had been trying to process. Read More
June 10
Before every ear was filled with mini speakers, and eyes were glued to screens, we used to talk to each other. In this place from a time long, long ago, we would pass the time in lines, on airplanes, and any other moment where we found ourselves waiting, talking to those who were in our same situation. There was an exchange, talking and listening, and I believe we were better for it. Read More
June 3
I hate the blame game. I am so over it. Instead of admitting there is a problem and working together to fix the situation, we would rather point fingers at one another and say, "It's their fault!" This accomplishes nothing and it's killing us. Read More
May 27
My two jokes over the past 10+ weeks when people ask me how we are doing as a family are, "I love my family, BUT I NEED A BREAK!" and "I should've bought a bigger house!" If you don't know my family, we have three kids; 2 daughters who are 17 and 16 and a 12-year-old son. Read More
May 20
When I was a kid, I was notorious for losing things. This usually prompted a cry of help toward my parents. My mom had superpowers and she either already knew where my lost toy was, or she found it before I finished telling her what I was looking for. Read More