- From Pastor Chris

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December 5
Gene-edited babies may be the most interesting and controversial story you haven't heard about. A researcher from China, who has studied and worked in the US, recently claimed that he had edited the genes of a baby. Although the story isn't completely known, it is believed the researcher had hoped to edit embryos so that they would be resistant to the AIDS virus. Read More
November 28
Giving Tuesday has become a big deal. In just seven years it has grown from $10 million raised in 2012 to $274 million raised in 2017, all for charity. In one day! Now as great as that sounds, this year we spent over $6 billion (yes, with a B) on Black Friday, almost $8 billion on Cyber Monday, and in total we will spend over $700 billion in November and December combined. Something seems out of balance. Read More
November 25
The things you own end up owning you. This is my favorite line for the late 90's movie Fight Club, and it's even more relevant today than it was nearly 20 years ago. It seems like we love our stuff, but shortly after we get our stuff, we go out and get more stuff. The stuff that we have fills a void for a short time, but then a newer version comes out and we are filled with an insatiable need to have the newest model. Read More
November 14
There have been a few times in my life where I have muttered under my breath, "Jesus, if you want to come back right now, I'd be OK with that." Times when the darkness seemed darker than usual, the mountain too steep to climb, or the pit too deep to get out of. But as far as I can tell, Jesus never came back. Read More
November 7
As I write this, folks are streaming in and out of the church to vote. At times the line has stretched across the parking lot and down the sidewalk, and at times there has been just a few folks in the building casting ballots. Even more inspiring than the amount of people turning out to vote, is how nice everyone has been. Read More