December 11
My church loves a challenge. A few weeks back, we were a couple weeks late kicking-off our annual Thanksgiving food drive, so we committed to do about half of what we usually do, thinking there was no way we could collect as much as we had in the past. Read More
December 4
The other day I did a very adult thing - I vacuumed up my leaves. I turned my leaf blower into a vacuum and filled up the collection bag a good four or five times. I stood in front of my house and beamed with pride as I surveyed my 1/4-acre, leaf-free kingdom! Read More
November 27
The other day I was asking folks, “What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?” and most of the responses weren't related to food! It shouldn't have, but those answers surprised me. Read More
November 20
A few weeks ago, the car that my daughter drives started to sound like a race car. This particular car has what's called a flex pipe that delivers the exhaust from the engine to the catalytic converter, and apparently if it develops a hole (or a few) you can hear the car 10 minutes before it arrives in your driveway. Read More
November 13
Yesterday morning I read an article from NPR about Charitable giving. (Yes, it had a link to donate.) The article claimed that in 2018, charitable giving was down by over $15 billion (that's nine zeros!) and last year saw the largest decrease in giving since the Great Recession. Read More