- From Pastor Chris

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June 20
Last week, we took 12 middle school students to a week-long camp up in the North Carolina mountains. We joined three other churches from Florida that brought 28 kids. There was another church from the Atlanta area and a few from South Carolina. All of the students were middle school-aged! (Cue a collective gasp!) It was A LOT of kids! Read More
June 13
It is hard to believe that I have been at Epiphany for almost two years already. It's even harder to believe that this Sunday will be my last with this incredible community. (Bring your tissues and extra for me.) Read More
June 6
Why does the church only make the news when it's embarrassing?

Recently a televangelist (how is that even a title?) out of New Orleans went on camera asking his supporters for $54 million so that he could buy a jet that would allow him to get almost anywhere in the world to preach the gospel. He claims that Jesus spoke to him and it was the greatest statement the Lord ever made to him! Read More
May 30
A few years ago there was a graduation speech that made headlines. The speaker said something unexpected - he told the graduates that they weren't special. I think he even said something like, "no matter what your 8-year-old soccer trophy says, you are not special." After the shock wore off, he spoke of collaboration and our ability to do great things if we work together. Read More
May 23
Over the weekend, a good friend of mine who is also a pastor texted me and said, "I don't think another sermon has to be preached, ever!" Read More