- From Pastor Chris

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October 17
This past Sunday I was a part of Atlanta's Pride parade. Months ago, a church member asked if I would go with the group from Epiphany and she specifically asked if I would wear my black clergy shirt. I said yes, but I was nervous to slide that little piece of plastic into the collar of what looked like a normal black shirt. I was nervous that this shirt would create a barrier between me and the folks who were there. Read More
October 10
This past Saturday, a bunch of folks brought their pets to church for a blessing. Most were dogs, but there was a cat and a couple of guinea pigs too. The biggest dog was about as a big as a pony and the smallest dog was a little bigger than the... Read More
October 3
It started with his twin five-year-old daughters meeting him at first base as he took the field and they gave him a huge hug. When he came up to bat in the bottom of the first, the opposing pitcher stepped off the mound, and the catcher and umpire backed away from home plate so the home crowd could give him a prolonged standing ovation, and they stood and applauded every time he was up to bat. Read More
September 19
I have a hard time seeing my friends busting out Orange Justice, Floss, or Hype, when I was their age, but everywhere you look kids are dancing and it's really cool. What causes a fad to catch on and take off? Read More
September 26
We have been given ears; are we using them? We have been given a voice, but is everyone allowed to speak? Read More