- From Pastor Chris

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October 18
This past weekend I was up in Charlotte, NC, for a good friend's ordination and installation as a Lutheran Pastor. His journey started over 8 years ago, and it wasn't the easiest road. Read More
October 11
I love GIFs. If you're unfamiliar, they are the brief clips that people send in text messages. I am known to scroll through page after page of them for a few minutes laughing to myself hysterically. Read More
October 4
Is it weird that I like funerals? Not in an Adam's Family, goth, morbid sort of way, but because of what funerals promise. Funerals promise hope and comfort. Read More
September 27
Pretend you're on a road trip, and in the middle of it the family car breaks down. You're a long ways from home, in the middle of nowhere, and steam is pouring out from the engine. Read More
September 20
On Sunday I was sitting up where the band usually sits while the readings were being read. I wasn't preaching that Sunday so I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the readings over the week, so I was surprised that as they were being read I disagreed with one of them. The reading was from the end of Genesis and told the story of Joseph reconciling with his brothers. Read More