- From Pastor Chris

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February 20
"Should we do the Keto or Paleo diet?" was something my wife said to me the other day.  Now what's funny about this is Gina is a little over 5 ft tall and not much over 100 lbs., where as I am around 6 ft tall and nearing a 1/8 ton!  So, what I think Gina was saying is, "Hey, what diet do you want to do?"

Did my wife just tell me I'm fat?

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February 13
This past Sunday we looked at a pretty well-known passage from the New Testament book of Romans. It's the one where Paul writes about how God's love can never be taken from us. For the original recipients of this letter, this was a big thing. Read More
February 6
Last week I saw a clip from one of the late-night talk shows of a segment called, "The Kind of Story We Need Right Now." This particular edition was about a guy who was accidentally invited to a bachelor party, but what makes this story so great is that he went! Somehow, he got an email that was intended for someone who must have an email address very similar to his. Read More
January 30
I guess I'd say I'm an average to above average sports fan. So, with the Super Bowl happening just 25 miles from me, I figured I'd better go check it out. On Monday, after my son got home from school, we headed to downtown Atlanta for the Super Bowl Experience. Read More
January 23
On numerous occasions there have been TV shows, movies, skits, etc. where someone is able to be present at their own funeral. In most cases, the character isn't a ghost, they're still alive, and what is being said about them isn't overly flattering. Read More