- From Pastor Chris

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April 25
I have long joked that I've never put a Jesus Fish on my car because how I drive doesn't reflect my faith very well. I am impatient. I worry that I will burn out my horn because I use it too much. I become irate when the light turns green and the car(s) in front of me crawl away from the line. Read More
April 18
Does your heart plunge into your stomach when you see flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror like mine does? And when that happens, how do you respond? Do you start working on your alibi, figuring out a foolproof story to get you out of whatever ticket you may deserve, or do you admit you made a mistake and look for ways to do better next time? Read More
April 11
Have you ever thrown a party or had an event at your house and once it was all over, you couldn't believe the mess? But, when you started to clean up, you weren't grumpy or talking bad about the folks who made the mess because what caused the mess was a great event. It created memories that were talked about for weeks, months, and years to come. Read More
April 4
I've been coaching my kids' soccer team for the past few years, and it may be the most stressful part of my week. My joke every week after the game is over is, "It's Miller time!" We lost our last game 2-0, but I left the field wired! Read More
March 28
Lately I've had this vision in my head of Jesus talking to a therapist. He's there on the couch, talking to the counselor, and he just keeps asking, "I died for this? They're greedy and they only look for the worst in one another. They have no regard for others and seldom think of those who will come after them. Read More