- From Pastor Chris

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June 5
On Sunday we will celebrate a day called Pentecost. Its roots go all the way back into the Old Testament, but for most churches they will focus on a story in the second chapter of the New Testament book called Acts, where the Holy Spirit shows up and instantaneously everyone is bilingual. Read More
May 29
Last week I had what I thought would be a routine physical. Everything was going fine until the doctor tracked me down in the room where they were drawing my blood to let me know that one of the tests came back and I needed to see another doctor. Read More
May 22
I get a little more sentimental than usual this time of year. The end of the school year brings a mix of emotions. There is the celebration of the achievements and accomplishments, regardless of age, but there's also the emotion that comes with the conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of another. Read More
May 17
Over the past few weeks, I've been somewhat addicted to the NBA Playoffs. I don't really have a team that I'm cheering for and I didn't watch many games during the regular season, but there's something about the playoffs that every year sucks me in like a tractor-beam! Read More
May 8
Just a couple weeks ago I read about someone who was battling a serious illness. I had never met this person, but I had read some of her blogs and postings and liked what she had to say. I had never met her, but for some reason I felt a connection to her. So, when I read that she had died, at the age of 37, it was shocking. Read More