- From Pastor Chris

Epiphany issues the Midweek Blast of Epiphany Light every Wednesday morning with a message from Pastor Chris and Epiphany news.  Let me know what you think about this week's message. - Chris

April 10
"If you could have offered me a pill to make me straight, I would have swallowed it before you could give me a swig of water." "If you had shown me exactly what it was that made me gay. I would have cut it out with a knife." Read More
April 3
I graduated in May of 2005 but I wasn't able to start working at my first church until September 1, over three months later. The pastor I was going to be working with was going on a sabbatical and they didn't want me to start until after his sabbatical was over. As a 26-year-old, recent seminary graduate, I had heard of sabbaticals, but I wasn't exactly sure what they were. Read More
March 27
This past Sunday at Epiphany we had a lunch after church for folks who were new to Epiphany. (In church language, this is called a new member class.) At these lunches we spend some time talking about Lutheran history and theology as well as Epiphany as a church, our ministry and how they can be a part of it, but mostly we spend time getting to know each other. Each person takes some time to introduce themselves. Read More
March 20
Last weekend the world was rocked by another mass murder, but this one was worse. The killer chose to broadcast the horror so that people could watch it live. Even worse, the video has been watched over 4000 times on Facebook and no one reported it while it was happening. What makes a mass shooting worse than when someone knows it is happening and they don't say anything? Read More
March 13
I watched a lot of TV growing up and for some reason, I remember a bunch of commercials. ESPN must've been my favorite channel because a few Sports Illustrated commercials have taken up permanent residence in my brain. It seemed like they were always running a promotion and one included a video (VHS only, no Beta) of athletes talking about being in The ZoneRead More