- From Pastor Chris

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January 17
I routinely joke that I curse the day I was born a Minnesota Vikings fan. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) but my dad grew up in Minneapolis and he raised me to be a diehard Minnesota sports fan just like he is. This past Sunday was a big deal for the Vikings. Read More
January 10
Where I live a lot of folks have big "G" stickers on their cars. They're not green and gold and from Wisconsin but black and red and fans of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. There is a good chance that those folks with those black and red G's on their car are a little disappointed this week. Read More
January 3
Last week we spent a few days up near Indianapolis with Gina's family. It was extremely cold up there (for folks from Atlanta at least), but it snowed most of Friday, so that almost made up for it. I think about 3 inches of powder fell over the course of the day and right before the sun set the kids, the dog, and I went out to play. It was a blast. Read More
December 27
Last week as we were getting the church ready for Christmas Eve services, I noticed some lights were out in the sanctuary, so I lugged a pretty tall ladder out from the back of the church (FYI, ladder and pastor usually don't go well together) and climbed up to see how many bulbs we would need. Read More
December 20
Yesterday I was visiting some of the homebound members from our church. As it was almost Christmas, I asked them if they had any favorite Christmas memories from when they were kids. One of the guys I visited started telling this great story about the bicycle he received one Christmas. Read More