August 14
I'm cheap, which means when I fly, I buy the least expensive ticket, which means I usually don't have a guaranteed seat. To counteract that, I set two-dozen alarms reminding me when it is 24 hours and 30 seconds before my flight's scheduled departure, so that I can avoid the dreaded middle seat! Read More
August 7
Let's pretend for a minute we are in a somewhat dire situation. Let's go with a boat that is sinking or a building that has collapsed. If we were on a boat and it started to sink, we would look for the best way to fix the situation. Read More
July 31
Recently, whenever I say the Lord’s Prayer, I think about all the times I’ve said it before. Usually it starts with my Confirmation at Epiphany in 8th grade, surrounded by the community that built my faith before sending me off to Haiti. Read More
July 24
Two weeks ago, I flew out to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister. I hadn't been out her way since her wedding two years ago, and I was overdue for a visit. My time out there was great, it was getting there that was a nightmare. Read More
July 17
Summer camp has been a part of the Epiphany and Haitian Timoun Foundation (HTF) story since 2010 when, following the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti, a group from Epiphany hosted a small vacation bible school for children in Jacmel to bring some hope and light into their desperate reality. Read More