Epiphany Staff

Chris Hermansen, Pastor
Pastor Chris joined Epiphany in August 2014. Previously he served as an associate pastor with Christ Lutheran Church in Charlotte, NC., 2008-2014, and as an associate with Lord of Grace Lutheran Church in Tucson, Ariz., 2005 to 2008.

Chris earned his Master of Divinity from Pacific Lutheran Theology Seminary in Berkeley, Calif., and completed his undergraduate studies at Concordia University, Portland, Ore. He is married to Gina, and they have three children.

770-831-1966, ext 127
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Jin Ko_image

Jin Ko, Associate Pastor

Jin was born and raised in Busan, South Korea and went to the Philippines when his parents were called as missionaries to the Philippines, Pampanga. He graduated from Holy Angel University with a B.A. in Psychology and earned his Master of Divinity from Lutheran Theological Center at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA. Jin earned another two Master of Arts in Christian Education and Theological Study with a concentration on the New Testament from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. He is married to Hyojoo (Ellen).

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Steve Belfield, Minister for Worship Leadership
Steve joined Epiphany's team as Minister for Worship Leadership in January 2012. He has been involved in some level of music ministry since high school as a member of Trinity Lutheran in Madison, Ohio. Steve has been a performing member of various local community groups, including the Gwinnett Choral Guild. Steve also is a project manager with Hewlett Packard. Steve and his family -- his wife and two adult children -- have been members of Epiphany since 2000.

770-831-1966, ext. 110
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Tony Bullard, Minister for Worship, Music, and Youth
Tony joined the staff at Epiphany in November 2017. Tony and his spouse, Teresa, and children Noah and Desi, have been a worshiping at Epiphany since 2013. Tony has a degree in Recording Arts and has been performing music since he was a teen. Tony has been part of Youth and Music Leadership in nearly every church he has attended. Tony enjoys video games and root beer and loathes writing about himself in the third person.

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Erin Murphy, Music Ministry Associate
Erin began serving as Epiphany's part-time Music Ministry Associate in February 2014. She plays the keyboard for all of Epiphany's worship services in addition to providing musical accompaniment to Epiphany's choirs and vocalists. Erin and her family--spouse Tim and Children Anna and Colin-- joined Epiphany in 2004. Erin is the full-time Executive Director of the Haitian Timoun Foundation, a major mission partner of Epiphany.

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Kris Perkola, Ministry Assistant

Kris has been a member of Epiphany since the very beginning as little kid and served as our first acolyte. Since then, he’s graduated from the University of Georgia, worked for a time as an elementary and middle school tutor, and is currently finishing up his seminary education from Trinity Lutheran Seminary. He’s now on staff as a Ministry Assistant and will be preaching and assisting Pastor Chris with things at Epiphany while finishing up school work. Like Tony, Kris likes video games and root beer, but is slightly more comfortable than Tony while talking about himself in the third-person.


Laurie Tinc, Administrator of Mission and Ministry
Laurie joined Epiphany's team of paid servants in February 2013. She has a degree in paralegal studies from Fairleigh Dickinson. Laurie, along with her husband, Nathan, and two children, Connor and McKenna, relocated to Georgia from New Jersey in late 2010. They have been members of Epiphany since 2011.

You'll find Laurie in Epiphany's office on Monday through Thursday.

770-831-1966, ext. 100
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Loren Means, Communications Director & Bookkeeper
Loren and her family have been members of Epiphany since 1999.  She graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology.  Previously, she worked for a family-owned commercial printing company as the Assistant to the President of the company. Since then, she has served in various PTA officer positions at her children's schools. At Epiphany, Loren was a member of the Outreach team for four years and as team leader was instrumental in securing Rainbow Village as an outreach partner of Epiphany.

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John Murray, Treasurer
John joined Epiphany's staff in January 2010 after serving on the congregational council for four years as treasurer. He also is a software engineer for DataScan Field Services in Alpharetta. A lifelong Lutheran, John first became involved in church finance in 1990, serving as treasurer for Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Fairfield, Ohio. He later served as financial secretary and chair of the board of finance at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary, NC. John has been a member of Epiphany since 2004.

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Nursery Attendants

amanda_fox wendy_albrecht
Miranda Fox Wendy Albrecht      


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