Vision and Values

Our life together is intentional, focused on six important ministries that bring life to our mission. All of Epiphany is organized around making these statements true. Our organizational structure serves these ministries, with mission teams aligned with each ministry. Thus, we say:

Epiphany Lutheran Church is…

  • first and foremost a WORSHIPING community who gives God our very best and humbly receives God’s free gifts. (Worship Life mission team)
  • a community BEING FORMED into cradle-to-grave disciples of the Living Christ. (Formation mission team)
  • a WELCOMING community who invites others into our life together and extends biblical hospitality to all. (Reach mission team)
  • a COMPASSIONATE community who promotes wellness, wholeness, and connectedness for all. (Congregational Life mission team)
  • a SERVANT community who stands with and works for justice among the poor, the powerless, and the disenfranchised with the compassion of Christ that has no limits or boundaries. (Outreach mission team)
  • a community who RAISES UP with intentionality all of our CHILDREN and ADOLESCENTS to be healthy, hopeful, and faith-filled servant leaders in the world. (This missional focus is integrated within all ministries of Epiphany.)
Last Published: September 2, 2015 3:53 PM